I Remember When

130 N Maple Ave.

Manteca, CA 95336

Shop Phone: (209) 239-9944

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"I Remember When Manteca" Antiques & Collectibles

A great location Just off of Yosemite A warm and inviting space inside All sorts of decorating items Vintage and Antique Furniture Paintings and Furniture with all the Accessories Beds and Boudoir items a Specialty

"I Remember When" in Manteca, CA is an Antiques-Vintage-Collectibles shop with dealers carrying a wide range of antiques, vintage, collectibles and other special items that are sure to interest everyone. If you’re looking for that special item or just want to spend time browsing at all manner of wonderful things, please come check us out.

We feature China, Furniture, Glassware, Figurines, Jewelry, Old Stained Glass, Vintage Wooden Windows, Paintings and so much more.

Open Monday - Saturday 10:00 to 5:00   (closed July 4th)

 Sunday  CLOSED

The Shop

We are pleased to be a unique shopping destination serving Manteca (The heart of California) and its surrounding cities, including Tracy, Ripon, French Camp, Stockton, Escalon, Lathrop, Salida and Riverbank. We are just off Yosemite Boulevard near the historic Manteca Downtown area and the Post Office. There are many other stores near us selling antiques, vintage and collectibles that you could stop and make it a day or an afternoon of relaxing shopping. There are also lots of restaurants nearby as well including Nic's Place. See dining and shopping options nearby Also, there is a wide selection of seasonal and every day gift items. There’s always a special item that you will find you cannot live without.. See Featured Items


Our dealers carry a wide variety of special and unique items. Our shop is 3,400 square feet, so there is a lot to see. The list of what we have available is truly too long to document in detail. See Shop Merchandise Overview If you do not see what you want on here, you should stop on in and check us out. There are so many items in the store and the merchandise is changing so fast a complete list would be out of date before you could finish reading this..

Wish Lists

If you are looking for a special piece or specific merchandise, please let us know what you are interested in. If we don’t have it in stock today it may come in tomorrow. If you let us know, by adding yourself to our “Wish List,” we will be able to contact you if we come across something we think you may enjoy. We are more than willing to help you locate your heart desires. 

Bedroom and Boudoir displays

One of our focuses is antique and vintage bedroom and boudoir pieces. We usually have several beds and bedding available that we display as little vignettes with the bed and all the accessories displayed as you would see it in your home.  This gives you a good idea of what you will have when you take your new treasure home. 

What's New at "I Remember When"

Custom Made Antique Styled Beds

We are proud to be the local supplier for Brass Beds of Virginia. They specialize in making brass and cast iron beds in the antique style and finishes invoking the look of antique beds from early America but sized to fit modern bedding and linens. See our custom beds page for more details.  Custom Beds

Custom made Jewelery

One of our dealers specializes in hand made rings and other jewelery using silver spoons and coins as the base.  Rings can be made with any date or from US quarters from any state.  See the Jewelery page for more details.

Relaxing Shopping Experience

At “I Remember When” you’ll enjoy a tranquil shopping endeavor. We feel that shopping done well is an experience in and of itself. To encourage this, we always try to provide refreshments and snacks to our guests. Our dealers add to the calming experience by ensuring their spaces are regularly transformed and reinvented so that it’s a new encounter for you every time you come and visit us.

We are pleased to serve Manteca the Heart of California including Tracy, Ripon, French Camp, Stockton, Escalon, and Lathrop